January 2, 2022

Preparing For Your Cake Smash Session

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Cake + Smash = Yes, please! The cake smash session is absolutely the best way to celebrate your little one turning ONE! It’s not only adorable, but it’s fun for everyone and really celebrates all those huge milestones that your little one has learned over the last 12 months. Whether you’re finishing up your first year baby plan, or booking your little one’s milestone session individually… It’s time to PARTY!

During the booking process we will begin talking about how you want to style your cake smash set. We can match baby’s birthday party theme, or you can choose a different color scheme/theme that you’d like! The further in advance that you schedule your session, the more time we will have to plan. As always, if you need some ideas, I have plenty!

While there are several packages to choose from, the most popular is the Signature Cake Smash.

How to prepare for your Cake Smash Session

What I provide:

My prop closet is forever growing, and what I provide will depend on the theme or color scheme that you have chosen for your session. Generally, this is what I typically provide: the background and a white floor, cake stand, small pieces of decor (florals, decorative boxes, other theme specific items) to dress up the set, balloons, twinkle lights, and a cute little toddler size tub or basin to splash around in!

What to Bring:

  • The cake!
  • Bottle/Sippy cup
  • Snacks (Puffs are great!)
  • 1 outfit for “clean” portraits (Not included with the Simple Smash Package)
  • Baby’s cake smash outfit and headpiece
  • An extra outfit for Mom/Dad, sometimes that cake gets you too!

Tips to help you plan your cake smash session


I recommend having your session take place when baby is 11 to 11.5 months old. This will give you time to make prints and order any products that you’d like to display at baby’s birthday party. 

Bring Snacks

This is a sneaky photographer way to help us get some great images even if baby has no interest in smashing the cake. We just hide them right in the cake and voila!

Stick with a yellow or vanilla cake base

The quick and easy reasoning behind this, is other cake flavors just don’t look great at all. Often (always) chocolate cake cake looks like your baby is eating mud (or even worse things…. ew!). Icing is also a culprit, and I recommend avoiding red, brown and black icings.

Cleaning Up

Due to potential allergies, I do not provide baby soap at the studio. Please bring along your preferred baby soap and a bath towel to help you clean baby after the cake smash. Icing is typically very greasy, so soap is almost always needed to clean up your little one.

What to expect

During your session, we will begin with any “clean” portraits. This is a separate set up from your cake smash set up. Prior to your session, I will ask you to send me a picture of this outfit so I can coordinate another backdrop to match. This is a more simple set up, with no additional decor added in. 

After these portraits, we will move to the cake smash! It’s time to put your little one in their party outfit. We will begin again with some “clean” portraits, then add in that cake. Now is the time to let the fun happen. If your little one isn’t into smashing their cake, we will hide those little snacks you bring along into the back. This encourages them to grab for them, resulting in images of baby going for that cake! 

When it’s time to clean up, I will have a little tub or basin (theme depending) filled with some warm water.  We will let baby splash around for a few minutes to get some extra smiles, then allow you to wash baby off before going home. I always recommend bringing along baby soap, as cake icing leaves a greasy mess behind!

Moments with your baby will pass so quickly, and they’re changing on a daily basis. If you’re interested in a custom designed cake smash session or just have questions, I would love to talk with you! Send me a message HERE and let’s chat!

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